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Title of Entry: Creative Kid
Winner: TikTokTech Limited

Creative Kid
Creative Kid is a camera-interactive TV game system. Powered by our innovative, patent pending, camera-based pattern recognition tracking technology, this system provides a novel man-machine interface for children to interact with the virtual game characters. Creative Kid inspires childrenˇ¦s creativity in Art and Music. Using a wireless Magic Wand, children can draw freely in the air and interact intuitively. Our camera-based tracking technology can actually projects you inside the TV gameplay. Moreover, our camera-based tracking technology offer a wider tracking angle which makes our wireless Magic Wand more appropriate for children to use. This product has successfully penetrated the international markets with our unique game play and innovative technology. Creative Kid is the best demonstration of the value we uphold: we believe in originality. Everything in this product is original: we have developed original camera-based pattern recognition tracking technology, original electronic technology exemplified by the embedded system of our game console, and original game design. Technological Originality and Content Creativity are something we have been relied on to secure a sustainable development and establish our company in the Creative Industry.

  1. Plug & Play on TV
  2. Include 5 art games and 3 music games
  3. An intuitive way to interact with the virtual game characters.
    Control the game by simpl waving a Magic Wand.
  4. Built-in camera in the game console. Projects your image inside
    the TV gameplay.
  5. Saving function: Save your artworks in a SD card and print out
    using a computer.
  6. Cartridge slot enables extending to other new games in
    sports, brain challenge and language learning.

Comments from Judging Panel
The game has a unique and world market potential for the youngsters. It is an innovative wand that allows the control of game wirelessly through the use of camera. The creative technology is deployed impressively.
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