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Winner: Orbit Media International

OMI provides a console game software development and SFX visual creations. It offers services in content creation, animation, video production, digital effects, game development and licensing. With more than ten years solid experience in the game industry in Japan, OMI has been commissioned by big Japanese game developers including SONY and Nintendo. All of OMIíŽs creations are generated from its professional physical engines, rendering engines and 3D monitoring tools that are 100% developed by its Hong Kong engineering team with award-winning members who have won the Microsoft game contest. In 2006, OMI set up workshop at Cyberport to expand its business towards Mainland and overseas. Projects include Research and Development (R&D) for console/ PC entertainment software contents, R&D for broadcasting SFX TV series, character I.P. merchandising (Original contents) and R&D for toy products and educational facilities.
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