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Best Digital Entertainment (Interaction Design) Gold Award
Title of Entry: Umbrella Here
Winner: Umbrella Here


Umbrella Here
ˇ§Umbrella Hereˇ¨ is a signal, just like the taxi signal light. When the signal is on, it represents that people are welcome to come in and share the umbrella. Everyone can take part in and meet different people so as to get a closer relationship. It can spark a change in a community and eventually in a society.

Comments from Judging Panel
ˇ§Umbrella Hereˇ¨ is a product with very simple design that unites an interesting idea, a pleasurable concept and a practical approach. This product is of good creativity and social value. The production team can focus on the current social issue to design an interactive product which may bring gradual improvement. A design with this kind of social awareness should be encouraged. Great market value of this multi-functional design could be showed in the near future. Meanwhile, further modification is needed, for instance, enhancement of the prototype and its visual design, strengthening substantive use of technology. It is suggested to add on more considerate functions and set a practical marketing strategy for promotion in order to increase the popularity and so on.
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