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Best Digital Entertainment (Interaction Design) Silver Award
Title of Entry: Touchy
Winner: Eric SIU


ˇ§Touchyˇ¨ is a human camera ˇV a wearable device that literally transforms a human being into a functioning camera. The individual who is wearing the device is constantly ˇ§blindedˇ¨ unless someone touches his/her skin. The touch causes the shutter in front of the eyepieces to open and restore the wearerˇ¦s vision. When physical contact is maintained for 10 seconds, the camera takes a photo, which is displayed on the deviceˇ¦s LCD.

ˇ§Touchyˇ¨ acts as a social healing device to rehabilitate people who in need of social assistance such as people experienced in social anxiety, isolated elderly and people with disability.

Comments from Judging Panel
The key feature of ˇ§Touchyˇ¨ is human-to-human touch; it renews the sense of touch and facilitates communication, arousing people attention of offline communication. High quality prototype demonstrates the strong social impact in human community. Its application in real life is worth to be explored especially in the therapy field. Judging panel has expressed that the appearance of ˇ§Touchyˇ¨ could be further modified. Interesting interactive design and well motivated make this an impressive product.
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