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Best Digital Entertainment (Interaction Design) Bronze Award
Title of Entry: Huskyland
Winner: Animae Studio


ˇ§HUSKYLANDˇ¨ is a mobile storytelling application with mini games. The contents are created with licensed character from Husky x3, AomeHusky. HUSKYLANDˇ¦s features include: (1) exploration ˇX run around the world of HUSKYLAND to discover the beautiful landscapes; (2) game play ˇX physical toys with virtual game programs.

HUSKYLAND can be interacted with an App toy ˇX POPS, which is also developed by Animae Studio with its patented technology on conductive devices for multi-touch screens. The App toy creates a new play experience when interacting the virtual world with a physical toy.

This play set of an interactive toy and a mobile game was launched at the Taipei Toy Festival in 2013.

Comments from Judging Panel
ˇ§Huskylandˇ¨ is a mobile game that players can enjoy the virtual interaction with an App toy ˇV POPS which is a patented technique. All-rounded market consideration and useful patented device have achieved a good potential of further development. For instance, a brand new promotion method could be provided to interested customers by using the interactive device. Even though there are room of improvements in the size of device and the operation of game, the production team has demonstrated an entertaining, innovative and interactive idea.
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