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Title of Entry: 3 Fruity Kingdoms
Winner : Centurysoft IntíŽl Ltd.


3 Fruity Kingdoms

“3 Fruity Kingdoms” is an Action-Role-Play-Game (ARPG) mobile game which is developed on the prototype of the cute version of the popular animation character of “Fruity Robo” in Mainland. Riding on the background of “Three Kingdoms”, the actor, Pineapplello, is a terminator to wipe out his enemies and accomplish his missions. The game is simple and easy to play. Player simply manipulates the virtual joystick to control movement of the characters and presses the weapon button to slay his antagonists, to accomplish his missions and obtain higher scores to enter the next level. With the many tips given in the game, normal players can easily get pass to next level and enjoy the course of playing the game.

Comments from Judging Panel
"3 Fruity Kingdoms" is a comprehensive game which innovatively integrates TV programs and toys. From game character, toy and story, the high tech hardware support well gives the player a fresh experience. The game successfully brings its players back to the old world of “Three Kingdoms” and experience this traditional Chinese story. With the addition of a card system, the variety of the game is greatly increased; and the inclusion of military strategy also makes the game much more attractive.

With the cute characters together with the delicate scene design, “3 Fruity Kingdoms” becomes a game product with high commercial value for youngster market. “3 Fruity Kingdoms” aggressively recruits local talents as team members, forming the production team that possesses clear market position, business development plan and target, and well understands the market’s and the players’ preference. Overall, “3 Fruity Kingdoms” is an outstanding story-based game with good market potential.
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