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Best Digital Entertainment (Digital Entertainment Software) Award
Winner Title of Entry
  • TikTokTech Limited
  • Creative Kid
    Best Digital Entertainment (Digital Entertainment Software) Certificate of Merit
    Winners Title of Entry
  • Circle Entertainment Company
  • Lair Land
  • Gamemiracle Company Limited
  • iHorse Racing
  • Playpen Studios Limited
  • Skillz
  • M-Gen Mobile Technology Limited
  • 3G Properties Tycoon
  • Oribit Media International, M-Inverse Holdings Limited
  • Project Rainbow Riders
  • Frenzoo
  • Frenzoo - Create! Chat! Cheer!
  • U1 Technology Company Limited
  • Warlord of the Three Kingdoms(W3K)
  • Centurysoft International Limited
  • Robogod Fighter Online
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